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New York - United States
"Music is my first love and D J-ing became a hobby early on in my life. A College radio DJ where I got a host of skills that I incorporate in my mixes/mixshows' to-date.' Those skills brought me into the 'PARTY Scenes' : Club/Disco Parties, Bar/Lounges, Birthday Parties, Retirement Parties, Corporate Holiday Parties, Graduation Parties, etc.. Having been exposed to different genres of music throughout.. I bounce from genre to genre creating mixshows from various veins of music. You can expect to hear mixshows of House Music (Variations of..), HipHop, HipHop-R&B, Tribute Mixes (various artist). I also blend 80's Disco (from back in the day), as they say. My music library is versatile & vast, to say the least. What you can expect to hear from me (MikeBoss), whatever the genre, is great music. Hope you enjoy. MikeBoss > N-A-CityMx MUSIC"

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