124 2 months ago
Haunting, Uplifting stuff here from the Platipus label.


1 Ultrafoxx (Gai Barone Cuboid Mix) by Art Of Trance
2 Netherworld (Oliver Lieb 2017 Main Mix) by L.S.G.
3 Parthenon (Original Mix) by Martin Merkel
4 Papillon (Instrumental Mix) by Union Jack
5 Little Wonder (Simon Berry & Luke Brancaccio Remix) by Martin Merkel
6 Cambodia (Tunnel Visions Mix Remastered) by Art Of Trance
7 Ty Phoo by Granny
8 Hidden Sun Of Venus (Olivier Lieb Remix) by L.S.G.
9 Funnelweb (Original Mix) by Union Jack
10 The Fade (Original Mix) by Ambassador
11 Zee Booth (Remastered) by Pob & Patrick Reid
12 One Of These Days (Todays Mix) by Ambassador
13 Primordial Soup (Remastered) by Catalyst
14 Today (Seismic Remix) by Pob & Taylor


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