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Norfolk - United States
FL9 Pro, Virtual DJ, and my brain...
Dunno...but it's a sure bet you'll find it arousing.
Witness the Orange Revolution! ;No matter where you are in the world, house and trance is always playing's timeless and ever changing, and best of all WORTH your time. ;These are my humble offerings, the beats that are constantly in my head, the melodies on my lips, and the fire in my soul. Listen to me grow. ;
Early trance, tribal, techno and house...take it back to 1993 and move forward, then add two cups of jazz, a pinch of swing, some bop, and hip-hop to taste. Need and bake at 120 degrees in an open room with speakers and lights and serve hot.

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maksmith 21 June 2010

Excellent work-out mix!