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The Rarity Project - This day, Be okay!
Together, we can change the course of history and make Ukraine a place where love and tranquility flourish.
Let us become a source of hope and inspiration that permeates every corner of our nation.

"European Squad" in the international project "Rendezvous Under Rockets" in support of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.
Stay strong, keep fighting!

We believe that with our project we will be able to convey through music the emotions that arise in people when they hear sirens and the sounds of explosions, the pain of war and the joy of approaching victory over the aggressor.

Support the Initiative of the President of Ukraine: the UNITED24 project https://u24.gov.ua/
Thank you for your support in a difficult time for Ukraine!

The season of patriotic mixes on the STAR BEAT platform was created with the support of the Ukrainian Cultural Fund https://ucf.in.ua

Ukrainian Culture Cluster.

Donations a Coffee for STAR BEAT https://ko-fi.com/starbeatua



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