69 10 months ago
...but it's not a lot of use without the right pans! Twenty years of superb Stellar pans with no grief whatsoever and now we have the added expense of another set that will work on the new 'toy' but fortune favoured us with a bargain purchase of their 7000 series for £120 which was a saving of £180 ; ) First meal on the menu was a Jalfrezi Curry(delicious) and now there's no stopping me with a Thai Pork Stir Fry and Hoisin Beef Noodles completed too! Anyway enough of these mouth watering flavours and onto the more important Soulful flavas, see what I did there? Only a brief rummage in the Cellar of Soul this week but still came up with some goodies and have added them to the regular stuff - NS 6@4 and Saturday Love - and a heads up for next weekend when GYSW happens but not for me as I'll be here with a feature on the legendary Wigan Casino which celebrates 50 years.


1 Inherit The Wind by Wilton Felder
2 Heaven In The Afternoon by Lew Kirton
3 Ease Your Mind by Touchdown
4 Make My Dream A Reality by GQ
5 Take You To Heaven by Change
6 Groove On by Willie 'Beaver' Hale
7 Tonight by Cool Million featuring Glenn Jones
8 Feelin' Lucky Lately by High Fashion
9 Music Of Life by Cerrone
10 Cracking Up Over You by Roy Hamilton
11 I'll Never Stop Loving You by Carla Thomas
12 It's Better To Cry by Appreciations
13 Fascinating Girl by George Lemons
14 You Better Think It Over by DuShons
15 Let's Take A Chance by Troy Keyes
16 Stubborn Heart by Ernest Mosley
17 E.S.P. by Four Below Zero
18 Candidate For Love by T. S. Monk
19 Papillon(Aka Hot Butterfly) by Chaka Khan
20 Call Me(call Collect Mix) by Sherrick
21 Sweet Power, Your Embrace by James Mason
22 Keep On Movin' And Groovin' by Atlantis
23 Send For Me by Atlantic Starr
24 You Know You Want To Be Loved by Keith Barrow
25 I Love You by Keith Washington with Chante Moore
26 I Want Your Lovin' by Curtis Hairston
27 Thinking About Your Love by Skipworth and Turner
28 You Can't Hide Your Love by David Joseph
29 (Our Hearts)Will Always Shine by Ozone
30 Magic by Circle City Band
31 Locked Up In Your Love by Manhattans
32 Stomp by Brothers Johnson


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