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1 It's Quiet Now (Extended Mix) by Honey Dijon, Dope Earth Alien
2 Betcha Wouldn't Hurt Me (Vocal Mix) by Teddy Douglas
3 I'M STAYIN' (Extended Mix) by David Morales, Lea Lorien, Angelica de No, Scott Paynter, Georgia Cee
4 Never Gonna Give Up (JazzNGrove Club Vocal Mix) by Strive For Jive, Javier Perez
5 Kiss Of Freedom (DJ Spen & Gary Hudgins Remix) by J.D.'s Time Machine, Cleveland P. Jones
6 Being Free (Original Mix) by Honeysweet
7 Love Has No Time or Place (Extended Version) by Elements Of Life, Louie Vega
8 Start A Fire (DJ Spen's Start A Dub Fire Mix) by Funkmaster, John Khan, Paul Lyons, Leighton Jones
9 You Can't Hide (Groove N' Soul Vs DJ Spen Retro Vox) by Groove Junkies, Reelsoul, Tertulien Thomas
10 It Seems To Hang On (Groove N' Soul Classic Vox) by Groove Junkies, Reelsoul, Tertulien Thomas, Mijan
11 Nothing Without You (Terry Hunter Remix) by Avant
12 Bring It Up (Dj Spen & Gary Hudgins Extended Remix) by Inaya Day, Yass
13 Starlight (Grant Nelson Extended Remix) by Dave Lee ZR, Omar
14 Messiah by Brandon Markell Holmes, Cee ElAssaad


Tom Mogoul
Tom Mogoul