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Aired, 18.02.22

Warm up set :)


1 The Rabbit Hole (TC Intro Edit/Original Mix) [Parquet] by VovaWave
2 Higher (Extended Mix) [Colorize] by Matt Fax & Boxer
3 Orion (Original Mix) [Parquet] by Several Definitions
4 Chakra (Original Mix) [aboriginal] by Rudra
5 Conundrum (Original Mix) [Univack] by Alan Cerra
6 Tribe (Original Mix) [JOOF] by Ninesh Babu
7 Before (Dub Mix) [Bonzai Progressive] by Brosso & NAASA
8 Shadows (Original Mix) [One Of A Kind] by Aman Anand
9 Cadence (Original Mix) [Strange Town] by Cream (PL)
10 Aethersphere (Original Mix) [Kitchen] by Kamilo Sanclemente
11 Impact (Original Mix) [Songspire] by TOMB (NL)
12 Serpento (Braxton Remix) [Songspire] by SØNIN & Grigoré
13 Crystaldee (Original Mix) [Forescape Digital] by Enlusion
14 Blame (Extended Mix) [Wake Your Mind] by Cosmic Gate feat. Diana Miro
15 Substances (Original Mix) [Guerilla Movement] by DJ Paul (AR)
16 Volcano (Original Mix) [73 Muzik] by Ibanez & Javi Always
17 1995 (Simon Doty's Housed Up Extended Mix) [Anjunabeats] by gardenstate
18 Inverted (Mind Conspiracy Remix) [Eat My Hat] by Ziger & VangArt
19 Spitfire (Original Mix) [Parquet] by Cary Crank & OBL
20 Sin (Extended Mix) [UV Noir] by Jordan Gill & Jeremiah McKnight
21 Pulsar (Original Mix) [Area Verde] by Seleck
22 A Dream (Original Mix) [Infinite Depth] by Anticyclone
23 The Explorer (Chapter 1) [JOOF] by John 00 Fleming
24 1999 (Slam Duck Remix) [Forescape Digital] by Basil O'Glue



Tnx 4 the music bro. This stuff its so cool!
I like trace music.

Troy Cobley
Troy Cobley

Your welcome and happy you're enjoying them, loads more to upload.. Will just do a few at a time! :)