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Further adventures into the Abstract world...

The first of two ramshackle collections from the wonderful world of house - a typically mixed bag of floor-fillers, groovers, shakers and peak-time belters, plus a quote from Corinthians.

As usual, everyone's a winner, but of particular note - well, for for us anyway - are Wanklemut's mix of Asaf Avidan's "Reckoning Song", Mr Parker's  "Let God Arise" and the last three trax: Soul City Project, Sade and Homero Espinosa.


Any feedback would be much appreciated.

AbstractRadio - for your listening pleasure...







1 house jazz by Don Carlos
2 feel the light – humphries by The Family Pres.
3 the jam by City Soul Project
4 submarine by Horatio
5 that groovy thing by Jamie Tench
6 africano by The Aquanauts
7 I wont give you up by Kid Sublime
8 the reckoning song by Asaf Avidan
9 is it all over my face – maw by Loose Joints
10 prove by Cleavage
11 drifting by lts
12 let god arise by Terrance Parker
13 the race by The Checkup
14 if we try by Nathan G
15 love break by Tube Berger
16 jah school by City Soul Project
17 t’s couldn't love you more by Sade
18 blues in a rose by Homero Espinosa



love your mixes.......keep em coming