52 2 months ago
"Analog Anarchy Techno Time Travel catapults you into a whirlwind of retro-futuristic beats, where vintage synthesizers collide with modern rhythms in a rebellious fusion of sonic rebellion. Dive deep into the chaos of analog soundscapes, where every glitch and distortion is a portal to a different era of electronic exploration. This mixtape is a sonic time machine, propelling you through the decades with its pulsating basslines and distorted melodies. Strap in for a journey beyond the limits of space and time, as you groove through the anarchic landscapes of techno's past, present, and future. It's a wild ride through the corridors of electronic history, where every track is a rebellion against the status quo of musical conformity."


1 Lose Kontrol (Blacktextured Remix) by Karlo Wanny
2 The Other Side (Original Mix) by Droplex, David Phoenix
3 Dark Angel (Original Mix) by 808Hz (IR), Bobtech
4 Psychonaut (Original Mix) by The YellowHeads, NoNameLeft
5 Lies (Original Mix) by Proper Lane
6 Late Phase (Luis M Remix) by Aio
7 Rotten 2.0 (Original Mix) by Oliver Huntemann
8 First Simulation (Original Mix) by Kreisel, Monococ
9 Synthuation (Original Mix) by Luis M
10 Quasar (Original Mix) by Proper Lane
11 The Moment (Original Mix) by Eliza May
12 Altered State (Original Mix) by Ismail.M
13 Swac (Original Mix) by Andre Winter, Carlo Ruetz
14 Underground (Original Mix) by Mateo!
15 Resilience (Original Mix) by M. Rodriguez


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