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a mix of mostly edited versions and superb mixing throughout these proceedings of the illuminated minds eyes..xx starts at 100 bpm then gets faster and ends with a lovely dnb collection..from the naturaly decendent of musical gods.u aint heard anything like this this  DJ producer singer and mixed up the hearts of mankind..and beyond..xx surprises of goldeness..shining from another realm//xx a cosmic interface with jesus Christ saviour. wonderful joys to be had..treat it like a gift..xx the finest class A materials in dream states of magical properties..believe its gonna happen to it..xx reactivation.xx
144 tracks of love and light 4 uslot
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KonaDream Tuesday, September 6, 2016

by far, some of the best mixing I have ever heard !!!!!!!

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Dooroffmax Wednesday, December 21, 2016


by the light of the silvery moon 2016
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