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this is me today just minding my own business doing right for myself and not being a heartless ******* and getting things done for my own life but there are spies out there band evilnesds that i cant be a part of no more i must not be seen until i get sum luck and a reason to be happy again--these are space anthems and logical progression hymns that can sooth an aching heart listen to the best in dj ma4u productions--every single tune is totally different than any others-these mixes are mty greatest work so if were all to die at the hands of ma4u u will always want it and no love in the world will pull u out of that no love forn me anyway eh just know these tracks took me 8 months to produce all on my own with no help zero help to be excact..i love how this music can reaklly grow if u leave it a few days or next day and play it agagin or straight after it brings abn intelligence that shines thru ur soulspheres like magnificence in aweness of thy spiritual snactis overthrowing darkness and using his gun to make love not war,,use his own gun instead of theirs--those cunts in power--enjoy my greatest music i have invented as a creator and musical
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djma4u presents chillcore deluxe 2018 19 pt1
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