791 9 years ago
this is a mix for everyone who is trying to understand they're inside world----get a perfect insight--in this one off epic ride--just over 4 hours--of quality recorded blissfulness--includes my vocal version of--time i started---a completely different mixed genre classic mixture---i'm sure you might-- enjoy--a musical treasure------


1 near wild heaven by R.E.M.
2 inside-looking out by the charlatans
3 inside by stiltskin
4 inside my head (live) by radiohead
5 side of the road by beck
6 either side of the world by crowded house
7 other side of the world by kt tunstall
8 otherside by red hot chili peppers
9 break on through by the doors
10 spheres side edit by the orb feat. david gilmour
11 travelling riverside blues by led zeppelin
12 devil inside by inxs
13 upside down by ian brown
14 stuck inside a cloud by george harrison
15 side by travis
16 inside by guillemots
17 turn each other inside out by primal scream
18 stand inside your love by the smashing pumpkins
19 look inside america by blur
20 step inside your love by shed seven
21 sise by side by grant lee buffalo
22 other side of antartica by vangelis
23 dark side of the sun by modeselektor
24 inside out by phuture
25 narra mine by geneside 11
26 wearing the inside out by pink floyd
27 left side drive by boards of canada
28 the other side by bruno mars
29 go outside by cults
30 outside by omar
31 outside by supergrass
32 the outsiders by athlete
33 the outsiders by doves
34 from the ouside by editors
35 soulside mix by rapture
36 another chance (afterlife remix) by roger sanchez
37 trigger hippie by morcheeba
38 hallelijah by happy mondays
39 outside the wall by pink floyd
40 fireside favourite by groove armada
41 slip inside this house by primal scream
42 alan's psychedelic breakfast-sunny side- by pink floyd
43 seaside rendezvous by queen
44 sunny side of heaven by fleetwood mac
45 fantastic voyage by lakeside
46 come inside by thompson twins
47 deep inside by thunder
48 deep inside by harddrive
49 love you inside out by bee gees
50 take it as it comes by the doors
51 the otherside by david gray
52 twisted logic by coldplay
53 pharaohs by tears for fears
54 the great gig in the sky by pink floyd
55 the chill air by brian eno & harold budd
56 mr brightside (jacques lu cont's thin white duke remix) by the killers
57 a friend in me by dj ma4u
58 come inside by the chemical brothers
59 inside by moby
60 time i started-vocal by dj ma4u
61 special secret song inside by red hot chili peppers
62 sidewalk serfer girl by super furry animals
63 turn it on again by genesis
64 go (dub mix) by moby
65 my destiny by dj ma4u
66 warriors dance by the prodigy



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