760 7 years ago



1 20 mins took up by dj ma4u
2 in the air tonight 12" by phil collins
3 money for nothing by dire straits
4 a view to a kill -remix by duran duran
5 nobody does it better by radiohead
6 sowing the seeds of love by tears for fears
7 anything can happen by the finn brothers
8 in pursuit of happiness by the divine comedy
9 kinky afro by happy mondays
10 made in 2 mins by plastic jam
11 your love by frankie knuckles
12 the power by snap
13 single minded people by nicolette
14 total confusion by a homeboy a hippie & funky dread
15 different strokes by isotonik
16 we can make it by orr-some
17 pacific 212 by 808 state
18 monkey wah by radical rob
19 the calling by friends of matthew


dj ma4u
dj ma4u

im on my 3rd listen--just sayin..