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Sampsonville - United States
I am a Dj born and raised in Oak Cliff area of Dallas, Texas 75216 and have been on the tables for more more than 30 years as well as a Hip Hop Recording Artist. Apart from that, I have been a producer for over 20 years and currently I operate my own online radio station which is LIVE every Tuesday @ 8PM/CST. When I am not dealing with music, I write novels and documentaries illustrated with my own graphics that I do as a free lancer. Creativity and music is my life and Hip Hop has made me into who I am today.

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MrChopper 19 February 2014

Oh my goodness just surfing yoour page here. Very nice. Q Tip and Luke my boi nasty lil nut hahaha ..But he's got the dirt on lock down 4 real. I keep scrolling and I see Steady B and Vandross?! oh shoot .Pow pow bam bang boom!!!!! very nice profile page. =)