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Uk Hardcore
Started off mixing hardcore back in 1997, thought I would do another mix of later stuff enjoy... really enjoy this mix.


1 Neck Drop (Original Mix) by Riko, Monster & Sketch
2 Werewolf (Rob IYF & Eruption Remix) by Al Storm
3 Everybody In The Club (Original Mix) by Al Storm
4 Paralysis (Original Mix) by Al Storm, Rob IYF
5 Get Down (Extended Mix) by Monster, Al Storm, Rob IYF
6 Hot Stuff (Extended Mix) by Efu
7 Smoke Suckaaah! (Original Mix) by Al Storm, Rob IYF, Darren Tyler
8 Cross Your Mind (Original Mix) by Al Storm
9 Wire, Lost Faith My House (Extended Mix) by Eufeion, K
10 Boy's Hunter (Original Mix) by Teddy, Lövite
11 Ain't Got Nothin (Original Mix) by Scott Brown, Rob IYF & Al Storm
12 B In The Sky (Extended Mix) by Slamma, Bridgey
13 Give Me The Sunshine (Extended Mix) by Al Storm, Rob IYF, Katherine Wood
14 Project, Signal Scarecrow (Original Mix) by M
15 Bonkers Anthem (Al Storm Remix) by Sharkey, Lisa Abbott
16 Find A Way (Al Storm & Darren Tyler Remix) by The Three Amigos
17 Be Prepared (Extended Mix) by Alaguan
18 Project, Desi 99 Red Balloons (Extended Mix) by M


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