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Cleveland - United States
Progressive, Provocative, Soulful, Sassy & Funky grooves is what you can expect to hear when I am behind the decks. To entice a crowd... ruptured by the chunk of a rhythm, hands up in the air and hanging on to every last beat: this is my passion and why I continue to love what I do.
▬ I found your Podcasts and have been using them to work out. They're amazing!
▬ His ability to work your body and emotions into a frenzy is why he’s a club favorite. (Anthony A.)
▬ Amazing song choice, amazing transitions, cool, collect, and a GREAT mix of new and old tracks! Always love to hear a good classic Well done! (DJ Lay Z)
▬ A really good DJ set. I was really in love especially for the songs you have selected, many classics really beautiful, but also your technique in the mixing stage is really appreciable! (Brian M.)
▬ I have not stopped listening to your music all day! (Rodney S.)
Hope to see you on the dance floor! --Dan
DJ Chus
Roger Sanchez
Grant Nelson
Tony Moran
Susan Morabito
Ralphi Rosario
Phil B
El Duran
Fredde Le Grand

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RDick111 Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Hey Dan, keep em coming... like I needed to tell u that.

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dj harp
dj harp Sunday, January 9, 2011

another cleveland in akron...dont see too many from ohio, i only seen 3