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Ottawa - Canada
Welcome to my page. Here, you can find a large amount of the DJ mixes that I share online. If you are looking for my original tracks, I usualy post those on have been practicing the art of beatmatching and mixing for over 3 years, experimenting with different genres and styles, while discovering my own style. All of this experience and curiosity has lead me to producing EDM tracks of my own. I have been working with Ableton Live for a year, and in April of 2013 I released my first full album of all original tracks, called #noturningback. It is available on most major music websites, and you can find it easily by searching "gruvidru". It is merely an example of what I have to offer. I have learned many new skills since the release of this album, and I hope to have something new released by the end of the year.You'll notice that many of the mixes on this site are from my reGruvination series which airs on ever Monday night at 11pm (EST). reGruvination has now been running for just over two years. The main idea for reGruvination is a mid-tempo groove that could be enjoyed on the dancefloor, at the gym, or wherever else you want to hear seamless enjoyable music.I would love to hear your comments. Most of my mixes are available for free download. Please let me know if you like them. I'm also on

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thatta boy andrew!!!