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Tulsa - United States
Looking for Gigs.
Jeff Haze has been a DJ for 13 years now, and a House Music Producer for 10 years.
He has been influenced by Underground Dance Music for a long time.
The first electronic CD Jeff Haze bought was back around 1988.
He’s been listening ever since.
Underground Dance Music is his life.
He listens from the time he wakes up to the time he goes to bed.
He even dreams about music.
It’s his passion.
Jeff Haze has opened for several artists at many events and continues to follow his dreams.
He started producing Underground Dance Music back in March 2007.
He now has several releases on different labels, and has many more Tracks signed and on the way to their release.
On October 20, 2007, he was honored to be on the bedroom bedlam show on Proton Radio showcasing one of his mixes, as well as having his Tracks played on Richie Vibvee’s Radio show in Wales, Hustlers Haven on chicagohousefm , Sonium Rebels Radio-Argentina, Kick down2 get down-Phoenix, and the Deep House Cat Show.
He has released two vinyl records on Minority Music which have been played by many top artists from around the globe.
Keep an eye out for Jeff Haze.
He looks forward to continuing the Underground Dance Music Movement.
LABELS -Minority Music, The Factory, Midwest Hustle Music, Phobic, Soluble, Blatt Trax, 1200 Traxx, Pinup, Union Recordings, Smoke City, Trendy Mullet, Greenhouse, Stovetop, Fazed, Blockhead, Digifunk, Filthbox, Nightrain, Roundhouse , Motion Music, Total House, Wetsuit, Ficus Tree, Soluble, Full House Digital, Simon Life Music, Juiced, Aspect Audio, Deep Hype Sounds.
I look forward to the future in Electronic Dance Music and hope to see you there. Happy Days and thanks for listening.
Jeff Haze

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Levi Lyman
Levi Lyman
Shanghai, China
Santa Clara, United States

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Bobbylight 05 February 2017

Love your new mix, I know you have a lot of soul and funk in your bags of tricks. Thank you! I really like your comment about dance music is your life and that you think about the music all the time. Though I don't make a living at mixing anymore, that need to think about what comes next, basslines, what would be nice to remix, it's still in my blood, brother. When when I heard your mix, I knew a serious crafter is at work. Good energy flow, just almost perfect, can't let your ego get to big.LOL Mixx for you mix for the world, then they maybe can one day what peace, joy, and living together on this planet can be. You know what I mean.

jeff haze
jeff haze 07 February 2017

Right on man! I really appreciate your reply and it makes me smile to know that someone enjoys the mix! Thanks again! Keep in touch!