753 8 years ago

Here is my 2nd set early-hardcore, and 'improvised but with beautiful tracks, turn up the volume to maximum and enjoy.


Bio-Forge - Nowhere 2 Run

Artic - Remember 1997 (Hardcore Bootleg)

Bio-Forge - Turbulence

Cybernators - World Of C (Cyanide 2006 Edit)

pilldriver - pitch-hiker (remastered)

Shadowlands Terrorist - More Bazz

Dr. Rude - The Blueprint Of Hardcore

Predator - 20,000 Hardcore Members

Predator - Mind Of A Lunatic

Predator - Out Of Control

Predator - The Strongest Gang (The Hood)

Ruffneck & Miss Twilight as Malicourt - Exploit (DJ Ruffneck's Semi 97 Edit)

Painbringer   Da Final Journey 

Painbringer   Enigma

DJ Arjuna  Painbringer   Das Bose

D Vektor   Rumble (Stunned Guys Hardcore Mix)

Wedlock   Evolution Theory

Kesj  Donut   Motherfucker Bass

Drokz, Tails  the Destroyer   Street Fuckers (Drokz  Tails oldskool remix)

Rage Reset   Feel This

omar santana - necronomicom

rave creator - into sound



Thanks to all for the listening and downloading