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PROGRESSIVE HOUSE  122 - 125 - 120 BPM - Time for a change, Progressive House this time.  A little DJ/Producer secret...this is one of the simplest electronic dance music  genres to mix. This genre virtually mixes itself... you just have to study the soundwaves and of course mix in key. I hand picked these particular tracks from the current Beatport "Best New Hype Progressive House" List. Globally the 2nd most popular house music genre, I really like Progressive House as it is ethereal, almost meditative and lush with bass and synths...almost sounds like a description of fine wine doesn't it? Stay safe dance music ninjas...

Peace! ORIGIN aka Ceynte Hoode aka m5v The Saint out...


1 Latin American Sky (Origin Edit) by Lezcano
2 Words (Pysh Remix/Origin Edit) by Cusp, John Rayet
3 Erupt (Extended Mix) by Sound Quelle, Alex Holmes
4 Lost Cultures (Origin Edit) by Paul Hamilton, Celene
5 Doctor Käfer (Origin Edit) by Robert Babicz
6 Pump Up The Gain (Origin Edit) by Andrea Barone
7 Human Love (Origin Edit) by GAR
8 Chemicals (Origin Edit) by Reezer, Antdot
9 Higher Ground (Original Mix) by Cowlam, Leah.O
10 Reaction (Celene Remix/Origin Edit) by Arthesia vs DalNulla
11 Sacrifice (Origin Edit) by Horisone
12 Frontrunner (Origin Edit) by Mind Of One, Nick Hayes
13 Electronique (Origin Edit) by Dr. Alex
14 Eagle Eye (Origin Edit) by Seleck
15 Close Your Eyes (Extended Mix) by DonnaMarie
16 Fractal (Seleck Remix) by Wabe
17 Essential Elements (Original) by Nila
18 Dreamscape (Original Mix) by Dekkai
19 Singularity (Original Mix) by Max Freegrant, Kamilo Sancleme
20 Keep Control (Original Mix) by Magic Place
21 Kids Of Chaos (Original Mix) by SUZe
22 Miracle (Original Mix) by Magic Place
23 Merlin's Oath (GMJ & Matter Remix) by Donny Carr
24 Capricciosa (Origin Edit) by Namatjira


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