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It's a special Concept-Album: Astrology, Astronomy, Cosmology, composed with some kinds of Overtones... with Irish, Asian and Oriental influences - always chilling and deep relaxing... my Debut-Album!


Tracklist: Quantum Sequences 2013 - Volume 1 + 2 - Full Album | complete with Bonus Tracks


starts at:

00:00__01_Nebadon Borealis [PreRise] [feat. Sheila Chandra with the Ganges Orchestra]_4:45 ***

04:45__02_Plejadian Fixum_3:23 ***

08:08__03_Full Moon Night [Move on - Shining] [feat. Kate Bush]_3:25 ***

11:32__04_Jungles Of Jupiter_3:47

15:20__05_Hon Tay Shoon_2:12

17:31__06_Sagittarius Strings_1:20

18:50__07_Sunstreams On Mercury [feat. Laurie Anderson]_4:19

23:10__08_Venus Of Tibet_3:50

27:50__09_In Space And Time [Keep On Moving] [feat. Soul II Soul]_5:22

32:29__10_The Rings Of Saturn [Shine Shine] [feat. Luther Vandross]_2:36 ***

34:57__11_Plutonium Grace  [feat. Laurie Anderson]_2:38

37:43__12_Newborn Galaxy_4:21

41:59__13_Haikkonian Dream_2:01

44:00__14_Deep Space Neptune [feat. Benjamin Winans]_2:11

46:23__15_Sleeping Aries_2:48

49:01__16_When The Moon Is In The 12th House [feat. Barry White]_5:04

50:55__17_The Incomplete Zodiac_0:38


55:47__19_Wild Strings Virgo_1:44

Bonus Tracks:

57:29__20_A Never Ending Journey [Through The Expanding Universe] [feat. Cate Blanchet]_4:57

62:27__21_Nebadon Borealis [RePrise] [feat. Sheila Chandra with the Ganges Orchestra]_4:34 ***

67:03__22_Quincunx [Love Live Life]_6:06

73:08__23_Nautilus Theme [Everlasting Cosmic Spiral Movement]_6:38


77:46__24_Outro: As Time Goes By [In The 3rd Dimension]_2:04


tpt 79:51


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Date of release: 2013-26-01 - Digital Recording - 320kbs


For further information, please send a message to: tomleonmusic@googlemail.com


1 Nebadon Borealis [PreRise] by Tom Leon feat. Sheila Chandra with the Ganges Orchestra
2 Plejadian Fixum by Tom Leon
3 Full Moon Night [Move on - Shining] by Tom Leon feat. Kate Bush
4 Jungles Of Jupiter by Tom Leon
5 Hon Tay Shoon by Tom Leon
6 Sagittarius Strings by Tom Leon
7 Sunstreams On Mercury by Tom Leon feat. Laurie Anderson
8 Venus Of Tibet by Tom Leon
9 In Space And Time [Keep On Moving] by Tom Leon feat. Soul II Soul
10 Rings Of Saturn [Shine Shine] by Tom Leon feat. Luther Vandross
11 Plutonium Grace by Tom Leon feat. Laurie Anderson
12 Newborn Galaxy by Tom Leon
13 Haikkonian Dream by Tom Leon
14 Deep Space Neptune by Tom Leon feat. Benjamin Winans
15 Sleeping Aries by Tom Leon
16 When The Moon Is In The 12th House by Tom Leon feat. Barry White
17 The Incomplete Zodiac by Tom Leon
18 Capricornus by Tom Leon
19 Wild Strings Virgo by Tom Leon
20 A Never Ending Journey [Through The Expanding Universe] by Tom Leon feat. Cate Blanchet
21 Nebadon Borealis [RePrise] by Tom Leon feat. Sheila Chandra with the Ganges Orchestra
22 Quincunx [Love Live Life] by Tom Leon
23 Nautilus Theme [Everlasting Cosmic Spiral Movement] by Tom Leon
24 As Time Goes By [In The 3rd Dimension] by Tom Leon



I have just finished listening to Quantum Sequences. I must say it is such an awesome production. The effortless flow and the seamless transition, almost from one place or destination to another in the journey, is amazing. I sit here at work listening to it and every few seconds found myself drifting off, closing my eyes and enjoying going on the journey to new planes and levels beyond my imagination. The production is so complete and the sounds so calming and soothing, it's almost like this warm, safe cocoon around me. It is a real pleasure to listen to this brilliant work and allow oneself to just be....allow your brain to take over and experience sensory delight and brilliance.
Thank you so much for what you are doing.


Thank you very much, nice and chilled just whats required about now.


Awesome mix. Luv Nebadon Borealis w/ Sheila!!!


Close your eyes, lay back and drift. This just washes away the stress of the day, or put it on just to relax for a while. I'm in awe of Tom's mixes. Gareth


Yes !! Very very nice :)


Absolutely wonderful, it just flows so well. Very soothing to listen to, takes you away from whatever you are doing. Very much reminds me of Vangelis in places, which to my mind can never be a bad thing. Thank you so much for sharing this x


Downloading 'cos the other comments are so in praise - and I heard the first few mins. Thanks