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birmingham - United Kingdom
<span style="font-family: Verdana; color: rgb(217, 217, 217);" class="Apple-style-span"> <div> ; ; <font size="5" face="Impact" style="font-size: 24px;"><font color="#000000" class="Apple-style-span">Internet TV Radio Station Launches 17th July 2009</font></font> ; <font size="5" face="Impact" style="font-size: 24px;"><font color="#000000" class="Apple-style-span">About US</font></font> <font color="#000000" class="Apple-style-span"> ;</font> <font color="#000000" class="Apple-style-span">Hi there just to let you know a little about to the max uk. We are a new business ;to 2009 ; ;and our promise to you is that if you join to the max uk entertainments agency we will work hard and try to find you work we are not promising you the world tomorrow as that&rsquo;s not how it works as you probably know its all about promotion and getting your name and or product out there and that&rsquo;s what we are good at</font> <font color="#000000" class="Apple-style-span">
</font> <font color="#000000" class="Apple-style-span"> ;This month you will see ;our site expand as we are ; adding our internet radio station and chat room.</font> <font color="#000000" class="Apple-style-span">
</font> <font color="#000000" class="Apple-style-span"><span style="color: rgb(217, 217, 217);" class="Apple-style-span"> <div id="ctrl-2720678"><font><b><u><font color="#000000" class="Apple-style-span">DJs Needed</font></u></b></font> <font color="#000000" class="Apple-style-span"> ;</font> <font><font color="#000000" class="Apple-style-span">If you are looking to raise your DJ profile on the world stage and would like to be in the position to increase your current number of DJ bookings,please send an e-mail to us titled Djs Wanted to,
</font></font> </font></div> </span></div> </span>

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