385 3 years ago

"Do you like music?"

Just when you imagined things couldn't get more messy, the AbRad elves have emerged from their yurt with the second half - the "main event" - of our back-to-back end of year sessions.

With a passing nod to the god-like Mr A. Humphries, here's a joyous excursion into the realms of quality house music, featuring the odd old favourite jockeying for position alongside a bunch of fresher dancefloor cuts.

To quote the great Errol Brown, everyone's a winner, and there's too many to mention anywho.

Please help spread the good word and share and repost if you likee!

Love and oncillas,

The AbRad team

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1 heavens riff by loop jacker
2 la banane du siecle by robin & lumoon
3 ibiza colours by groove salvation
4 eyes on the prize by jarred gallo
5 pantufla by guille placencia
6 see about me by highness
7 house music by eddie amador
8 someday by pray for more
9 the only one by bertie basset
10 disco trumpet by fdf
11 nobody by david penn
12 in the midnight by riva starr
13 son of raw by dennis ferrer
14 devotion by peter brown
15 house music by little by little
16 perth by kink
17 sally by adam port
18 es vedra by gabriel and castellon
19 shelter by syncrosonic
20 the spirit by mighty mouse
21 rise of angel by luciano
22 final credits by midland
23 m.ono by mark e
24 exhale by chris fry
25 judge not by phenomenal handclap band
26 I'm free by the soup dragons
27 working it out by cassara
28 get high by syncrosonic
29 hold up by lonely c


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