458 3 years ago
*** aka - the strange case of the unrelenting hi-hat ***

And lo, after many months' absence, the stranger returned from the mountains, laden with an abundance of great tunes.

And the golden ones rejoiced,
For all was good in the land [apart, of course, from all the usual stuff].

Here's the much anticipated, long-awaited and severely overdue companion piece to our previous [mar 2019 - https://www.house-mixes.com/profile/AbstractRadio/play/abstractradio-session-thirty-two] session.
Consider it as a significantly bigger, badder elder sibling to the other.

Love and marmosets,

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1 let her dance by barry & gibbs
2 stand up by art of tones
3 what happened by reset preset
4 philly groovin by adri block
5 what a feeling by re-tide
6 work 4 love by stuart ojelay
7 where the party's at by mark lower
8 the love test by romy black
9 basement wonder by litmus
10 say to ya by jay vegas
11 life by hatiras
12 wanna say yes by luca debonaire
13 all I need is you by ben delay
14 dynamite by atfc & david penn
15 nasty girl by henry hacking
16 feel by marque aurel
17 solaris by tommy heron
18 party! by jonk and spook
19 like no one before by 84bit
20 no end baby by rubb sound system
21 cant help the way I feel by sneaky sound system
22 manos parriba by luca debonaire
23 dia de ayer by joeski
24 give me love by coburn
25 I feel love by donna summer
26 back to house by antranig
27 I can handle it by fabio vela
28 hallelujah by kevin mckay
29 get u feel it by jonk & spook
30 super villano by loko
31 djs take control by SL2
32 can you feel it by chez damier
33 go by marcus lys
34 last of the breed by heartik
35 lets groove by rustem rustem
36 voices by cube guys
37 all I do by electro blues
38 lose myself by 84bit
39 let the rhythm take you higher by alessio cala
40 I'm gonna hold on by peter brown
41 005b1 by apparel wax
42 cupcakes by uncle theo
43 I just can't by hatiras
44 bring together by roland clark
45 slip away by niko the kid
46 want me more by naations


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