592 5 years ago

Good people of the abstract world,

It’s been coming for quite a while and, after digging deep, pushing the boat out and burning the candle at both ends, our AbRad elves have finally delivered this little beauty.

All [relatively] up to date shizzle, with plenty of showstoppers in the mix.

Feel free to turn it up - we guarantee your neighbours will thank you for bringing such beautiful music into their lives. Eventually.

Brought to you with love,


The AbRad Team

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No cross-faders were harmed in the making of this production.

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1 it was a beat by freiboitar
2 what kind of woman by filth & smell
3 glide to the left by uneaq
4 love blind by right to life
5 wanna dance by animist
6 my flow by rescue
7 back 2 the house music by nicola fasano
8 what you’re feeling by crackazat
9 get together by mr fries
10 get down by funkatron
11 live life free by rhemi
12 I need your love by freiboitar
13 sweat by sterling void
14 the question by ant larock
15 cassie by shems edine
16 para voce by gregor salto v litmus
17 when love breaks down by shapeshifers
18 straight from the heart by loose change
19 hamdi by nachtbraker
20 jackin anthem by angelo ferreri
21 body n deep by jovonn
22 stranger by dj spen
23 too much information by dele sosimi afrobeat orchestra
24 cherry bomb by serge funk
25 fiya bun by tobias
26 soul power by space echo
27 what this money worth by freiboitar
28 god created woman by teddy douglas
29 over me by inaya day and ultra nate
30 get with it by moose & squirrel
31 happy by discorocks
32 downtown clubbin by joey chicago
33 straight on by samo
34 let love enter by the disco house lovers
35 something divine by funkatomic
36 sunlight by mark funk
37 I found love by greg winfield


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