212 one year ago
Hi there...Here´s a little Mix of the funniest Hardstyle Producers of all Time.Maybe you like it or you don´t but i created this Mix with a new Software on my PC.So please be kind and don´t flame this Mix but you can give him a like if you want.Thanks for your understanding and please watch out for this damn thing called Corona :)


1 Tequila by Da Tweekaz
2 Wodka by Da Tweekaz
3 Jägermeister by Da Tweekaz
4 Moskau by Da Tweekaz
5 Duck Tool by Da Tweekaz
6 Let it go (Frozen) by Da Tweekaz
7 Norwegian Lullaby by Da Tweekaz
8 Jägerborn by Headhunter feat.Da Tweekaz


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