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Hi everyone, and greetings from California! I go by the alias BlackhawkSC. During the day I'm one of those anonymous techies hopefully making others' lives better :) But since I fell in love with trance in the late 90s, I've started out casually editing individual tracks for my personal library, then later creating CD length mixes for myself and my friends. I favor melodic and progressive trance with a touch of other genres like electo and prog house in my compilations. Flow of the melody and variety is very important to me and influences my track selection. Most of the time I leave the tracks unadulterated and only adding effects, loops, overlays etc to suit the compilation, as well as to make the transitions more interesting. Speaking of transitions, I try to be creative sometimes without taking away from the tracks that precede and follow. Take a listen, I think you will enjoy my mixes. My mixes are modeled after my favorite compilation series, A State of Trance by Armin van Buuren. I started listening to AvB in the late 90s with his AVB00x compilation series. Paul van Dyk's compilations are always good as well but I find that the tracks are significantly altered and they only play for about 3 minutes each. Individual producers come and go too fast for me to mention...

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