848 8 years ago

Winding into the fall with a smooth drink, and thoughts of gentle evenings with the last of the summer warmth. A smooth house mix featuring cuts from the likes of Jorge Montia, Miguel Migs, Hapkido, and Mario Bianco to name a few.


1 Deputy of Love (Stoon & Bennie Goes to LA Mix) by John Stoongard & Gianni Bini
2 Ready to Funk by Jorge Montia
3 History Repeats Itself by Wander Sa
4 My Soul Sacrifice by Mario Bianco
5 Sometime (Migs Unreleased Dub Deluxe) by Miguel Migs
6 A Gentleman's Song FK by Mark Di Meo
7 Can't Go Back (Classic Vocal Mix) by Richard Earnshaw featuring Polina Griffith
8 Magic Vibe by MoD & Staffan Thorsell
9 A House Thing (Micky More & Andy Tee Deep Mix) by Paggi & Costanzi featuring Roland Clark
10 Keep On Lovin (Main Vocal Mix) by Paolo Barbato featuring Keith Thompson
11 Love Again by Mark Funk
12 The Reason We Took It Underground (Gary Caos Remix) by Studio Nova
13 Streets of Rage by Hapkido
14 What I Like by Deux featuring Sheilah Cuffy