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What a selection. Some promo's a couple of whites, This is a carry on of the volumes I've done, just tweaked up a bit. This is what it's all about, back in the day.
Sorry about the rude tracks 5 & 6. But thats original Garage from New york. 1986-7 I lost a few tracks from that era. garage in its prime REAL Garage tracks, deep basslines. Proper.

If you remember some of the old skool choons used to be out of beat or off beat at the beginnings. More of a challenge. I'm trying to get on Raindances list in the UK, London. Farewell set.
Pic from Energy rave Effingham, Surrey.
Watch the people react to my mixing. turn it up so you can here my name shouted out by the MC. you can hear people shouting hard hard! when using cross fader. The amount of times other DJ's wouldn't go on after me. I had trouble getting on sometimes by now top DJ's, in case i took the crowd. NO NAMES MENTIONED. Still best day's of my life.
Another near perfect mix. Enjoy. Wav and Flac available.


1 Talking With Myself by Electribe 101 (White Label
2 Airport 89 by Wood Allen - BCM Records
3 Love Fixation (Blaze Fix Mix) by Kick It - Republic Records - Promo
4 Is There A Cure(Dub mix) by Jeep Style - Topspeed Records
5 On Your Knees (Vocal Mix) Springsteen - Grove Street Records by Springsteen
6 On Your Knees (Instrumental) Springsteen - Grove Street Records by Springsteen
7 Revelation (Deep Dub) by Les Sun Rae
8 Shes a Nymphomaniac (Horny Club Mix) by New Ro
9 Its You (Underground Mix) by E.S.P.
10 Just Give The DJ A Break by Dynamix II
11 Break 4 Love (English Mix) by Raze
12 Break 4 Love (Drop The Panties Mix) by Raze
13 Seduction (Vocal club mix) by Seduction
14 Mystery Of Love by Fingers Inc.
15 Mystery Of Love (Instrumental) by Fingers Inc.
16 Someday (Original 12" Mix) UK promo by CeCe Rogers
17 Learn To Love (House Of Love) by Paris Brightledge
18 Its All Right (House Mix) by Sterling Void and Paris Brightledge
19 Marshall Jefferson Presents Truth by Open Our Eyes
20 Thats The Way Love Is by Ten City
21 Uh Uh Ooh Ooh Look Out Here It Comes by Roberta Flack
22 One Step At A Time by Naisha
23 Notice Me (Notice The House Mix) by Sandée
24 Meltdown - Promo by Qaurtz


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