23 8 days ago
Hi and welcome to Sound is Progress episode 19,

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1 Mara (GMJ & Matter Intro Mix) by Pole Folder
2 Ethnic Kiss by Nōpi
3 Euphoria by L Georges
4 Circadian Rhythm (Hraach Remix) by Soul Button
5 Borealis (Nick Warren & Nicolas Rada Remix) by Nick Warren, Hicky & Kalo
6 Summer Sun (Emi Galvan Remix) by Golan Zocher, Velveta
7 Impending Storm by Cid Inc.,Dmitry Molosh
8 Lexion (Ezequiel Arias Remix) by Artfaq
9 Summer Solitude (Oliver & Tom Remix) by Andy King
10 Orfeo (EMPHI Remix) by Oliver & Tom
11 Distant Signal by Forerunners
12 Biocosmic Symphony (Antrim Remix) by Kasey Taylor, Karl Pilbrow
13 Aquaria by Ivan Aliaga
14 Fall Away by Armen Miran, Nicolas Rada
15 Distant Land (Supacooks Remix) by Dmitry Molosh
16 Canacona by Rauschhaus, GRAZZE
17 Destiny (Paul Deep (AR) Remix) by Marcelo Vasami, Paul Deep (AR)
18 Capricciosa (Francesco Pico Vegetariana Mix) by Namatjira
19 Haumea (Fabri Lopez Remix) by Juan Ibanez, D.J. MacIntyre
20 Dreaming the Cosmic Dream (TeleportX Remix) by Eli Spiral
21 Quid Pro Quo (Fabri Lopez Remix) by Savrun Brothers



My favorite track is the one in the Minutes 27:00, overall as usual nice progression


Merci matie!, great stuff!