58 one month ago
This was a damn fun mix to put together. You can expect more of the same periodically in the future. I didn't notice a big pool of artists but the ones who I did notice..... were definitely dope af. Hope you all enjoy it as much as I did mixing it. Cheesy? Maybe a bit.... Fun? Hellz YEA!


1 This Groove by Disko Groove
2 A Piece of Me (Jared Gallo Remix) by Sebb Junior
3 Are You Ready To Dance by Block & Crown ft Bernardo Lopez
4 Let Me by Audio Jacker
5 This House Of Love by Disko Junkie
6 The Look of Love by Block & Crown ft Carter Brown
7 Deeper Knowledge (Cup & String Remix) by Dan K
8 Watch Me Now by Disko Junkie
9 The Ultimate Jackin' Weapon by Block & Crown
10 The Disko Bomb by Disko Junkie
11 Hold On by Koe
12 Sun Is Shining by Audio Jacker
13 Let The Music by Block & Crown ft. Paul Parsons
14 The Stars Are Yours by Sebb Junior
15 That Disko Feeling by Disko Junkie
16 The UItimate Stomp by Block & Crown ft. Marc Russo
17 Kool Kat by Sandy's Groove
18 Dancin' Machine by Disko Junkie
19 Hallelujah by Kevin McKay & David Penn
20 Shake Your Body by Block & Crown
21 The Pleasure Principle (2021 NuDisco Remix) by Janet Jackson



banging mix ty dj