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A Brand New Mix Series of Old Skool Happy Hardcore / Hardcore / Gabber from 94 - 96
Expect to hear all the Classics, White labels, DJ promos
& Some of the most underrated and lesser known Gems I have In my Collection
From All The Leading Record Labels.

This Ones Going Out to ALL THE OLD SKOOL RAVERS!



1 Airhead (SMD Remix) by DJ Brisk
2 Can You Feel It by Charly Lownoise & Mental Theo
3 Motherfucking Breakbeat by Hardliners
4 Only If I Had One More (Remix) by Dyewitness
5 Can You Feel The Baze by The Bazeman
6 Excelebration by Neurotek
7 Detonated by Scott Brown
8 Hardcore Creators by Bass-X
9 Check Da Bass (Scott Brown Remix) by Ultimate Buzz
10 Now Is The Time (Remix) by Scott Brown
11 SMD #5 (A Side) by SMD
12 Rock This Place by DJ Chewy
13 Life Is Like A Dance (Forze DJ Team Remix) by DJ Paul Elstak
14 Stars (Hardcore Mix) by Charly Lownoise & Mental Theo
15 Rainbow In The Sky (DJ Paul's Forze Mix) by DJ Paul Elstak
16 Going Crazy (Bomb Squad Mix) by Rave Nation
17 Life's Just So by Smith & Brown
18 Kounter Attack by DJ Druid & Vinylgroover
19 So Damn Tuff by DJ Ham
20 Watch Me Dance by El Bruto
21 DJs In Full Effect by Jimmy J & Cru-L-T
22 Drop Da Beat (DJ Paul Forze Remix) by Brothers In Crime
23 Head Like A Pac Man by Active Force
24 Believe In The Future (DJ Weirdo & DJ Sim Future Remix) by Critical Mass
25 Cyclotron by Bass-X
26 Deep In The Underground by Lock Jaw
27 Bad Boy Kick The House by DJ Paul Elstak
28 Standing On The Top by Sonicdriver
29 Music's So Wonderful 96 by DJ Vibes & Wishdokta
30 J-Trax 1 by Stu. J.


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