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A Brand New Mix Series of Old Skool Breakbeat Hardcore (RAVE) from 90 - 94
Expect to hear all the Classics, White labels, DJ promos
& Some of the most underrated and lesser known Gems I have In my Collection
From All The Leading Record Labels Inc,
Metalheadz, Reinforced, Moving Shadow, Formation Records,
Suburban Base, Strictly Underground & Many Many More.

This Ones Going Out to ALL THE OLD SKOOL RAVERS!



1 Jungleizms by Sledge & Cortney B
2 Funky Hardcore (DJ Hype Remix) by QBass
3 Return Of Oz Beat (Untitled A2) by Oz Beat
4 Obsession (Music So Wonderful) (Wishdokta Remix) by DJ Vibes
5 Come On by The Hedgehog Affair
6 My Own by DJ Seduction
7 Projection by Tone Def
8 Forbidden Zone (Mix 1) by FZ
9 Hold It Down by 2 Bad Mice
10 Give It 2 Em by 2wice As Hard
11 Future Sound (2 Bad Mice Remix) by Phuture Assassins
12 Wont Stand Still by Freestyle
13 Dance Factor by Ellis Dee
14 Madness by Freestyle
15 Dance With The Speaker by Ecology
16 Rough Neck Bizznizz by Ellis Dee
17 The Life And Crimes Of A Ruffneck by Acen
18 To Your Request by 4 Wise Men
19 The Criminal (Top Buzz Remix) by The Criminal Minds
20 The Experiment by Audio Assault
21 In The Shadow (Sundown) by 4 Hero
22 Peace & Loveism (4 Hero Remix) by Sonz Of A Loop Da Loop Era
23 Dont Look Back by 2 Reefer Ft Sound Of Money
24 Bombscare (Remix) by 2 Bad Mice



Fabio! U got da skillz 😜


Badass man.

Dj Pease
Dj Pease

Good ol classic stuff here! Nice 😎