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Regina - Canada
DJ Ry Ry is from Regina, Saskatchewan and has always had a passion for music. She grew up taking dance lessons starting from the age of 3, sparking her interest in music at a very young age. Throughout her years dancing, sometime in high school she became interested in the music editing process and began to mix and edit music for dance competition routines for her own dances as well as many others. In 2011 she apprenticed under DJ Malfunktion at the GLCR Nightclub playing mainly Dance/Club beats, leading into House Electro which is now her main genre. In August of 2012 she became a resident at the GLCR Nightclub in Regina playing a wide variety of music genres such as House Electro, Dubstep, Dutch House, Swing Electro, Indie Dance and many more. Ry Ry's interest in music is not limited to one set genre, but loves to explore different styles of music and mix things up. Over the past year she has played at a number of different clubs around regina (e.g. The Freehouse, Gabbos, Rock Creek and the Owl) as well as in Saskatoon (e.g. Jawbreaker productions Nightmare Before Christmas 2) and is always looking for new opportunities and different crowd's to entertain.

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