23 14 days ago
Another crate digging session!
Didn't stick to a particular subgenre for this one. First half is mostly electro house, while the second half is mostly tech dance.


1 SweetDreams (Dave Ramone Remix) by Rec. Pro
2 More than a Feeling (Dan Winter Remix) by Beatshifters
3 Modern Love by Mahjong and Lynsey Shaw
4 Girls Love Techno (134 Edit) by Scott Attrill
5 Stop The Revolution by Meat Katie with D Ramirez feat. Odissi
6 Rock Your Body, Rock by Ferry Corsten
7 Matador (Chris Decay Feelgood Remix) by Beachclub69 feat. Inusa Dawuda
8 Living on Video by Lazard
9 Pulse (Mahjong Connection Dub Remix) by Malexa
10 Sugar Lips (De Jean & Bach Remix) by Coburn Vs Dumb Blonde
11 Hang Tough by Dermot Bateman
12 Feel The Energy (The Third Man's Love Noize Remix) by Mad Child
13 No Mercy by DJ Bunnys, DJ Pest
14 Peak Sweets by Chris Liberator, Sterling Moss
15 Japanese Super Ice by The Third Man
16 Adapter (Organ Donors Remix) by Scott Attrill
17 Krunchy by Scott Attrill
18 Sweet Sensation by BK, Anne Savage
19 Fu Ayla by Kujin
20 Go Boom! by Klubfiller, Sam & Deano
21 Welcome Back by DJ Audy
22 Cafe Del Mar by BRK3
23 Meu Brasil by Aaron Olson
24 Human Contamination by Hardkaus
25 UA Tech Dance (Mad Child Remix) by Diablik
26 Dance Kids Gunpowder by The Tech
27 Hipass Funk (2010 Mix) by Vortechtral
28 Unfinished Sympathy (Tuff Mix) by BK, Vinylgroover, The Red Hed


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