242 one year ago
It has been a while but I was in the mood for some psytrance this week. Went digging in my collection and mixed a three hours set with tracks spanning the years 2000 to 2021. Enjoy the trip!


1 Eclipse by Interium
2 Ms Error by Insomnia
3 Particle Fusion by NaiLik & Wavelength
4 The Platform by Improvement
5 Dreamers Of Dreams by Altruism
6 Into The Singularity by Circuit Breakers
7 Substance by Hypnoise
8 Planet Goa by Tristan, Trippy Trail
9 Celebra by Stralia
10 Plastic Fantastic (Punchline Remix) by Bizzare Contact
11 LFO's and UFO's by Save The Robot
12 The Room (Braincell Remix) by Yudhisthira
13 Rezonance by Shockwave, Contineum
14 QFactor (Juggling Remix) by Bionix
15 Tunnelvision (Spirit Architect Remix) by Bitkit
16 Turn On The World by Dickster, Space Tribe
17 Buddha by Life Extension
18 Follow Your Passion by Laughing Buddha, Regan
19 Triplanetary by Earthspace
20 Manali Express by Hyperfrequencies
21 Blast Off To Kicksville by Dickster, Space Tribe
22 Swingle by ATeam
23 Hypnotized by Naked Tourist, Painkiller
24 Thoughts Crossed Back by Logic Bomb
25 I Feel (Peace Maker Remix) by Sun Project
26 Cosmic Space by Punchline
27 Jack In The Box by Green Oms
28 Sub Zero by Spectrum
29 Definition of Sanity by Iliuchina, Myzo
30 Plastik by Earworm, Tickets


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