149 11 months ago
1) Vue (Loure)
2) What I Remember of San Francisco (sunflwr)
3) Lowdown (Aleksandir)
4) Elope (dj poolboi)
5) Dreams (Aleksandir)
6) Breakfast at Wendy’s (Windows)
7) I Still Love You (Long Island Sound)
8) Naima Blue (Soul Wun)
9) Nights over You (Folamour)
10) Artifice (Tour-Maurbourg)
11) Maybe (Kettenkarussell)
12) Cry for Help (Sbisha & Da Perc)
13) The Semimodular Bird of Jazz (Felipe Gordon)
14) 78 To Stanley Bay (Chaos in the CBD & Isaac Aesili)
15) Six Million (Upper Class)
16) Coast to Coast (COEO)
17) Flamingo Tripper (Edmondson)
18) I hope we can live on the moon someday (Librarian)
19) Pinkfog (Jesse Bru)
20) In My Dreams (Holo)


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