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June 06, 2012 Electronic Drive broadcast from 7-10pm est live-in-the-mix via during my weekly Wednesday live show Knockturnal Emmisionz. This mix really came together nicely
considering I just used the folders I created since the beginning of the
year and randomly picked and choosed. It starts off
slow and low key and with a couple of techno progressive tracks, then
15 minutes into it I start to kick it into gear with some trance. The
remainder of the set is all trance picked from all my Trance
Unites Us folders that I never played in the first 5 shows this year. I
learned a new trick whilst mixing so that was really fun to discover. It
has to do with offsetting the same track on an oppossite turntable and
then using the crossfader profusely back in forth in a pattern with the
beat. Cretes a really cool effect. I will def use that more often
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