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In the near future, a group of intrepid clubbers embarked on a journey unlike any other. Their destination was not a place on Earth, but an entirely different universe. Their quest was to find a form of techno music that had been rumored to possess mind-altering qualities, transcending the boundaries of sound and consciousness.

Their voyage began at a secret underground laboratory, nestled in a remote desert. A team of visionary scientists and sound engineers had designed a portal, a swirling vortex of swirling, iridescent energy, capable of transporting them to this uncharted realm.

Stepping through the portal, they found themselves in a dimension where the very fabric of reality was altered by sound. The landscapes were surreal, with towering crystalline structures emitting pulsating waves of light in synchrony with the hypnotic techno beats that reverberated through the air.

As they journeyed deeper into this universe, the music grew more profound and transcendent. It was as if the melodies and rhythms were alive, resonating with their souls, and leading them to profound insights about themselves and the universe. They found themselves dancing under skies filled with ethereal colors, surrounded by beings of light who communicated through music and motion.

The further they delved into this mysterious realm, the more the music altered their minds. It was not a hallucinogenic experience but a transformative one. The rhythm and melody merged with their thoughts, expanding their consciousness, and unlocking hidden depths of creativity and understanding.

At the journey's end, the explorers returned to Earth, profoundly changed by the experience. They had discovered a form of techno that indeed altered the mind, not through substances, but through the power of sound and the transcendental journey to another universe. This newfound music became a source of inspiration, shaping their lives and the music scene for generations to come.


1 Radio Wave Emissions by Allen
2 Morena by Donato Dozzy
3 Burn by Function
4 Erosion by Valentino Mora
5 Transit (Revenant MX Remix) by Deepbass
6 Igea (Floating Machine Remix) by Kryss Hypnowave
7 Black Book by Jaydee
8 Hidden Acid by Tin Man
9 Breathing, Expanding by Save Your Atoll
10 106 by Bernardo Hangar
11 Deep Phase by Marco Parodi


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