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Break beats to a different drum.

Respect to all the beat makers out there keep them coming we love new, different, classic, rave, drum & bass, electronic, techno, bass, orchestral, funky, swing, breaks, b-boy/b-girl and big beats of all kinds in between to keep us moving grooving and smiling.

DZB. (The old part of Z-Beats)


1 I Believe in Future(Lazerchoke RMX) by In A House
2 To a Level Where Love is Real by Bastiengoat
3 Tapestries(Rugged Mix) by Skin Teeth
4 The Good Old Days by Kraymon
5 Domination(Bonkers Break Beat Mix) by Way Out West
6 Skreemsli by Salome & Volruptus
7 Mashup by Akul
8 Luv 2 Luv U by Burout
9 Shanghai by K-65
10 Rush by Zoo Look
11 Darkness & Movement by Lucas
12 Loggerheads by Hedchef
13 Gimme That Bass by Sawheadz
14 Break Point by Outselect
15 Anti by Stormtrooperz
16 Slated by Sonic Rain
17 Cold Shift by Benton
18 A Floor of Stars(Luca Lozano What's Behninda Black Hole Remix) by Hans Berg
19 Walrus Party by Oldboy
20 Evergreen by Oldboy


Da Freshmaka
Da Freshmaka

Rockin' Em Right & Keepin' Em Tight... Luv These Beats !!! :-)


Cheers Da Freshestmaka great to hear from you - DJ Sammy Wyde will also be back soon with a new mix.


Nice one👍


Cheers man always good to hear from you - DJ Sammy Wyde is working on another new mix he keeps changing his mind :)