112 3 months ago
Break beats to a different drum. A more chilled vibe 118-126BPM

Respect to all the beat makers out there keep them coming we love new, different, classic, rave, drum & bass, electronic, techno, bass, orchestral, funky, swing, breaks, b-boy/b-girl and big beats of all kinds in between to keep us moving grooving and smiling.

DZB. (The old part of Z-Beats)


1 Goldrush by The Herbaliser
2 4th Journey by Route 8
3 Afterdark(Breaks Mix) by Ranj Kaler
4 Together(WeAre Unified) by Framewerk
5 Earth Awakes by Gabriola
6 Lost Again by Ranj Kaler
7 Cold by Kouncilhouse
8 Aquarial by Tom Jarmey
9 Just by Bicep
10 The Q by Alex Metric
11 Go Get It by Framewerk
12 Won't Be Long by Alex Metric
13 Calling All Dancers by Luca Lozano
14 Plasmacid by Placid One
15 Cutter by DiSKOP
16 Left of Centre by Corbi
17 Remote Viewing by BufoBufo
18 Take a Break Beat by Marius
19 Obsidian(Braxton Remix) by Banco De Gaia


Joey Cool Cutz
Joey Cool Cutz

Really nice beatz n soundz. Lots of creativity and overall cool chillin’ vibe.🤘


Cheers Mr Mixtape Man good to hear from you - happy mixing. 🎧🎛️

Joey Cool Cutz
Joey Cool Cutz

Diggin the acid-breakz on this.🤘