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The-Invisible-Man Monday, June 22, 2020

Thanks to my main man the IRONDUDE...yeah we have a tight family in here and have done for years. You've only been here a week but you have no mixes of your own uploaded...nobody follows you and you don't follow anyone plus you have only listened to 15 mixes in total and only one of them mine so how the fuck can you slag my mixes off when you've only heard one?! Let's see how good your skills as a dj are then...upload me one of your "merde" mixes and let me judge the fuck out of you and slag you off too. Personally i don't give a fuck as you are allowed your opinion but if you're going to slag me off publicly then at least have something to back yourself up with...if you can't then FUCK OF...we don't want idiots like you bringing the tone of this site down. House music is about love...peace and unity but you coming to me with the comment you made is anything but that when you don't even know me or have heard enough of my mixes to cast any opinion...so either play nice or leave...simple!!!

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DJ Ciro
DJ Ciro Tuesday, June 9, 2020

Thanks for stopping by to listen to Zurich After Dark. Enjoy the music.