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1 Give You Up (Darius Remix) by Crayon
2 Amaterasu (Makaseo Remix) by Zuubi
3 Winter Moon (Original Mix) by Lesh
4 Naara (Original Mix) by Sixthsense
5 Till The Dawn (Lumidelic Remix) by South Pole
6 Summer Vibes (Original Mix) by Sixthsense
7 Grant Renaissance Nistad Remix by Leonety Liana
8 Electric Sheep (Original Mix) by Orphyd
9 Velvet (Original Mix) by Arty
10 Quaresma (Extended Mix) by Tim Iron & Michael Mashkov
11 Starlight (Spencer Brown & Wilt Claybourne Mix) by Muse
12 Zion (Extended Mix) by Noequalgods, Tim Iron & Michael Mashkov
13 Onward Only (Extended Mix) by David Hohme & Dustin Nantais
14 Lazy Weekend (Soty Seven24 Remix) by J Weo
15 The Bridge by Jody Wisternoff The Bridge Sian Evans (Original Mix)
16 In My Memory (Blood Groove Kikis Dub Remix) by Edu feat. Susie Ledge
17 Our Home (Original Mix) by Mark & Lukas
18 Summer Never Ends (Southern Tier Remix) by DTALM
19 Connected (Original Mix) by Melosense
20 Something's Not Clicking Right (Original Mix) by Dan Sieg
21 Soul Feelings (Original Mix) by Logiztik Sounds
22 Matters (Original Mix) by Matthias Vogt



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