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✪ EDM Fest 👌(Session 10)


1 ID by Xexer
2 Friday Night (VIP) by Adam Ludewig
3 The Ones We Love Extended (Exclusive) by ANG feat. Amanda Collis
4 Sunshine Extended by AXMO vs Dance Nation
5 Everybody Extended (Exclusive) by CHANZ
6 Emotional Goodbye (VIP) by Chis Clapter
7 Oasis Extended by K3WRO
8 Worlds On Fire by Afrojack & R3HAB Ft. AuRa
9 Miracle by Cascada feat. LazerzF!ne
10 Bad Memories Extended by MEDUZA & James Carter feat. Elley Duhé vs FAST BOY
11 Make This Right Extended by ENMAN
12 Break it by DJ.Brix & Jamie Neil
13 Need You Extended (Exclusive) by J3MV & UTGZ vs Ed Van Dees
14 Do You Mean It (VIP) by jeonghyeon & Mbush
15 The Switch by A.J. Leo & Mac Wills
16 Back In Time Extended by Raven & Kreyn
17 OUT OUT Extended by Joey Corry & Jax Jones feat. Charli XCX & Saweete
18 Lowrider Extended by Quintino
19 Lost in the Stars by Neyra
20 Phoenix Extended by Sebastian Blvck
21 Welcome to the Ecco by Ummet Ozcan vs Xexer
22 War Extended by David & Camuz
23 End by Xexer


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