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The best of Stock Aitken Waterman Volume 1


1 This Time I Know It's For Real (Pete Hammond Remix) by Donna Summer
2 Venus (Extended Version) by Bananarama
3 You'll Never Stop Me Loving You (Extended Version) by Sonia
4 Happenin All Over Again (Extended Version) by Lonnie Gordon
5 That's What Love Can Do (Extended Version) by Boy Krazy
6 You Think You're A Man (Extended Version) by Divine
7 You Spin Me Round (Like A Record) (Murder Mix) by Dead Or Alive
8 Lover Come Back To Me (Extended Version) by Dead Or Alive
9 Never Gonna Give You Up (Cake Mix) by Rick Astley
10 Whenever You Need Somebody (Pete Hammond Remix) by Rick Astley
11 Respectable (Extended Version) by Mel & Kim
12 Get Ready (Extended Version) by Carol Hitchcock
13 I Heard A Rumour (Pete Hammond Remix) by Bananarama
14 Whatever I Do (Wherever I Go) (Extended Version) by Hazell Dean
15 I Haven't Stopped Dancing Yet (Extended Version) by Pat & Mick
16 Looks Like I'm In Love Again (Extended Version) by Key West feat Erik
17 Take Me To Your Heart (Autumn Leaves Mix) by Rick Astley
18 She Wants To Dance With Me (Extended Version) by Rick Astley
19 Shattered Glass (Extended Version) by Laura Branigan


Mixologist TonyRichard
Mixologist TonyRichard

KOOL Party Set! NICE.