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Vancouver - Canada
  Born in Alberta Canada, my first musical influences were artists like Elton John, Pink Floyd, and Johnny Cash. When I was older I started getting into 80’s rock bands like Poison, Whitesnake and Bon Jovi.  Then came the rebellion years and bands like Megadeth, Judas Priest, and Guns N Roses. These musical influences lead me into Punk Rock. During high school in Calgary, Alberta the Rave scene and the Punk scene were uniting and my world began to change. After receiving a mix tape from a random raver in school I found HardCore Techno and Gabber. Going to Punk shows every weekend, I decided to check out one of these raves that featured aggressive techno Dj's. I was hooked, sold my base guitar and drums, bought some turn tables and never looked back.   Some of my most predominate positions as Dj, Entertainment Director, and Promoter where at a few of the best Country bars in Alberta and BC.  I introduced to Dj’n Country music while working in the adult entertainment clubs, this enabled me to work the days at the stripers and the nights at the country bar attached to the same hotel.  Growing up in northern Alberta I was born into Country music so it was easy to get back into the groove.  Little did I know that that job would take me to one of the most successful Country bars in Canada.  At Ralph’s Bar in Medicine Hat, I was Dj’n and mixing live sound for some of the best Canadian Country Music artists.  I felt at the top of my game, working for one of the award winning bars in Canada, mixing sound for top Canadian bands and partaking of the decision process in promotions for the bar.   Family obligations led me to move to BC, after talking to the bands I worked with they told me of a place called Boone County in Coquitlam.  Upon my arrival I became employed at Boone as the Dj and Promotions Director.  With my contributions and ideas Boone Country gained some steam and became another bar in my career I call a success.   I have been fortunate to continued playing Techno, Hip-Hop, Dance, and other genres for different venues on several occasions during my time of employment.  As a hobby I started a Internet Radio Station that allowed me to advance in the art of self promotion.  I have performed throughout Vancouver and the Fraser Valley with dates extending back to Alberta   Armed with years of experience and a plethora of music genres I feel I have the talents that make me one of the best all around Dj’s you will ever find in western Canada. Whether it’s playing Dance music for the night clubs, Top 40 for the pubs, break music for the bands, or techno for the rave, I take my lifelong passion for music and share it with the people.

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