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Chateaubriant - France
Hello,I am Jean-Benoit Mere and I am Dj Ibm sound design. I create electronic music, mainly hiphop. I love a lot of music styles. I never could really pretend belonging to a culture or another, I forged my own culture, up to the music, from classical to the most hardcore techno music through all rock styles, rap, funk, reggae, dancehall, traditional european music, african music, traditional asian, ska, punk, blues, soul, rnb ... I really like the music with a big M. To create my music I fully uses the digital tool, which enables the access of infinities of more or less harmonious sounds to compose, decompose and recompose . I let you discover, be inspired and if you want to, sing, dance or do whatever you want during a few tracks. This is what I offer, music to life stories, soundtracks which, who knows, certainly will change your life a little!

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