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Welcome to a late-night lock-in edition traversing 3 hrs of assorted beats and pieces from all over to go with your weekend and as shared via The Spoonful of Sugar Club show Fri 13th May 2022 via www.soullegendsradio.co.uk, where you can find us each and every week doing a wide range of disparate musical things for fans of music up on a late one and seeking a break from the norm.

Thanks so much for listening, do hope you find something to enjoy in here and have a top weekend ahead.  More of the same, albeit completely different of course, next week, same time, same place where you would be MOST WELCOME to drop in and pull up a bean bag with us to see in the weekend a little differently.

THIS WEEKS SELECTIONS: #strangecargo, #musicasmedicine, #alternative, #eclectic, #chillout, #norules, #hammocklife, #crates
SAMPLE:    Broadwater Farm Estate, London, UK      |        1988  Documentary 'Scenes from the Farm'
SAMPLE:    Marian Again (2005)      |         ITV - Part 1 
SAMPLE:    Iran: People Of The Flame with David Adams      |     Timeline
SAMPLE:    lsd25.1967      |        1080p
Buromaschinen      |        Tenth   Ending
Minnesota       |        Damien Jurado
Ophelia       |        Marina Allen
Deep & Wide       |         Seven Seas (Original Mix)
Duett       |         Gallery
Solarmax       |         Stars into Light (Original Mix)
Schwarz       |         Nebu (Original Mix)
Visions       |        Fall of Saigon 1983
I Am The Walrus       |        (Recorded for Sez Lez August 1969) Affinity
Never Ever       |        Velvet Condom Safe & Elegant
Nouvelle   Vague      |        Our   Lips   Are   Sealed
Night Toys       |        Pale TV 1981  
Things I Don't Need      |        Human Tetris Things I Don't Need
Leather & Lace       |        Black Light Animals
Candy Says       |         Winter 2019 - Track No.27 Gravity
Martin Stürtzer       |         Gemstones II -CYD 0035- - Track No.03 Spacers
John   Holt      |        Youll   Never   Find   Another   Love   Like   Mine   (Mad   Professor   Dub)
Cornell   Campbell      |        Ital   City   Dub
Bananagun       |         The True Story of Bananagun - Track No.01 Bang Go The Bongos
Mzilikazi       |        African Songbook Vol 1
United States Of Mind       |        Affinity
Ross   From   Friends      |        SpatterSplatter
Joy   Orbison      |        Layer   6
Lemongrass      |        Diary
DF   Tram      |        Eagles   Shield   (Youth   Extended   Mix)
Kaon      |        Exorcism   and   Flamethrowers
You're Sleeping Echoes       |          Heatwave
I Get Pain       |        Brian Brain Unexpected noises 1980
Paragons & Jah Stone, The       |        Riding High - GT.185
All Combine Parts 1 & 2       |        Lee Perry
Tropical Bird       |        Jamaican Steel Band
Paradise Lost       |        Tickets for Doomsday LP
The Rusty Bull       |        John Grant
Techniques, The       |         Travelling Man Aka The Original Travelling Man
(Take A Little ) Piece Of My Heart       |   Erma Franklin      Blues brother soul sister LP
Shiva With Dustpan       |        Ryley Walker
Afraid of Nothing       |        Harrison Whitford
Calling (Never Stop)       |        Anchorsong
East West Link       |        King Gizzard
AtomTM       |        La   Vida   Es   Llena   de   Cables   (Son   Disco   Duro)
Naoki Kenji       |        Dos Mundos
Track No.08 - Tub Erupt       |         Unknown Artist
Chillson, Marc Hartman       |         Easy Does It (Original Mix)
Azimuth       |         Montreal City
DAFUNIKS       |         Past, Present, Future - 07 Lucy (feat Mattic, Kuku Agami, Barbara Moleko)  
fuvk       |         Sampler 2019 - Track No.10 listening
Loaning Me Secrets       |        Iron Wine
Khruangbin       |        Right
Aladdin's Story       |        Death in Vegas
Peter Pearson       |         Affairs of the Heart (Original Mix)
Checkpoint Charlie       |         Intro (Live 2017) Little Steven
D-Day       |        King Gizzard
Rotterdam       |        Pokey Lafarge
The Last Of The Unplucked Gems       |         (Full-Length Version) The Tragically Hip
Burn       |        The Chyldren Mortis Hora 1987
Love In A Void       |        Siouxsie and the Banshees Join Hands
Never Alive       |        Snowy Red



A brilliant show! Going to listen to it all over again and catch that bit that at the end when they cut you off. Thanks!