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This week serving up ultra-chilled back to mine vibes and some GEMS from the likes of; Phillip Glass, Nina Simone, Martin Goldray and Benjamin Hudson, Fimber Bravo, RAS, Feist, Malcolm Mclaren, Curtis Mayfield, Handsome Boy Modelling School, Patsy Cline, Sven Wunder, Space Ghost, Satoshi & Makato, Max Santilli, Space Ghost, Bo Diddley, Erik Friedlander, The Budos Band, Wyton Marsalis, The Equatics, Mitch Curinga, Son of Dave, Ashra, Sesame Street, Cassette Boy, Tyler Bates and more besides! >>> 

Pt 1 of 2 for a #wedigdeeper excursion 'MAJESTYK NIGHTS' as broadcast via www.soullegendsradio.co.uk 27.05.22. An extra-long late-night lock-in with #strangecargo doing #norules, #eclectic crate-digging with beats and pieces from all over.
Chilled soundscaping for grown-up ravers with some FRESH sounds from way out where to go with your weekend.

Car Boot Soul, Fleamarket Funk, Spiritual Jazz, Indietronica, World, Neo-Classical, Avant-Garde, Crossover, Samples, Incidental Music, Library Tracks, Acoustic, Balearic, Acid Folk, Psychedelic, Latin, Downtempo, Indie, R & B, Titty Shakers, Tribal, Cinematic Sounds, Breaks and Beats, Organic House, Ambient Techno, 50's Vintage and more besides, with all the fun of the fayre for #alternative, #chillout merchants with #strangecargo @ the controls #anythingmayhappen < FRI 23.00 UNTIL LATE > www.soullegendsradio.co.uk

A place of zero rules yet infinite musical possibilities welcomes you aboard for the trip of this weekend, diving deep into the outer limits in search of heavily weighted sounds sampled from the entire musical spectrum.
DO hope you find something to enjoy in here?  Thanks for taking the time to listen and wish you a lovely weekend ahead!

DON'T FORGET: If you are up and about SAT 28TH MAY 2022 from 10 pm until just gone midnight, there is a GUEST MIX INCOMING for NIGHT AIR @ www.risingedge.uk, going B2B with DJ HOOD, an hour apiece to bring you some late night tales kind of experience :-)

THIS WEEKS SELECTIONS: #freestyle, #strangecargo, #alternative, #chillout, #dope, #beats, #eclectic, #norules, #wedigdeeper, #musicasmedicine, #expecttheunexpected, #hammocklife

SAMPLE:  Intro Edit ft;        |         Adventures in Sound
Nina Simone (1965)         |       Feeling Good
SAMPLE:   Dr. Cornel West: Philosophy in Our Time of Imperial Decay    |    The New School
SAMPLE:   THE ALFRED HITCHCOCK HOUR:        |        "WHAT REALLY HAPPENED" Anne Francis Guest Stars 1-11-1963.
The Poet Acts         |       Philip Glass The Hours (Music from the ost) 2002
Santana's Daughter        |        Fimber Bravo
Pharoah         |        Unknown Artist
SAMPLE:    Tommy Saxondale         |            DJs all effing night
Glass, Suso: The Screens         |        Warda's Whorehouse 1996
Comfort Me        |        Feist
Santiago de Compostela        |        Tyler Bates The Way (Original Motion Soundtrack) 2011
E e...see me         |       Sesame Street
Oasis         |       Ashra Correlations
Devil Take My Soul Ft. Martina Topley Bird         |  Son of Dave
Bridges         |       Mitch Curinga L'altro lato 2008
The Equatics         |       Ain't No Sunshine
Valley of the Damned         |       The Budos Band
After the Dead (Instrumental)        |        Wynton Marsalis Reeltime 1999
King Rig         |       Erik Friedlander Block Ice & Propane 2007
James' Instrumental        |        Bo Diddley - Road Runner The Chess Masters: 1959-1960 2008
The Budos Band          |       TIBWF
Charles Bradley          |       Good To Be Back Home   
Bucket (Take 1)        |        Bo Diddley Road Runner The Chess Masters: 1959-1960 2008
Warm You Give         |       Santilli, Max Santilli Tidal 2021
SAMPLE:   To the Ends of the Earth          |              (1948) B Movie
Camino a Cala Llonga (Original Mix)         |       Tambores En Benirras Orbe Dotado 2021
SAMPLE:   Atomic Attack        |        (1950) Movie
Revelations         |       Fugi
Sounds Of Peace         |       Space Ghost Private Paradise 2022
Crepuscule Leger        |        Satoshi & Makoto
SAMPLE:   Vintage UK Beer & Booze         |       Adverts (Vol.4)
She's Got You         |        Patsy Cline
Mosaic         |       Sven Wunder
SAMPLE:   BBC2 'The Sentence'         |       episode 2 (13/11/1990) Young Offenders Institution 
Beautiful Brother of Mine         |        Curtis Mayfield Keep on Keeping On: Studio Albums 1970-1974
SAMPLE:    Night Of April 14th           |        One Step Beyond
I've Been Thinking (feat. Cat Power)        |        Handsome Boy Modeling School
SAMPLE:    Gentlemen's Day Out In London          |        Kirby Allison & Tom Chamberlin
Cassetteboy vs The Tories         |       May 2022
Obatala         |       Malcolm McLaren Duck Rock 1983
SAMPLE:   Wild Weed aka She Should Have Said No         |       (1949) Propaganda Drama 
Build Me A Bridge        |        Original 12 inch Version 1983 Adele Bertei
B.o.B         |       I'll Be In The Sky
Rock And Roll (Could Never Hip Hop Like This) [Part 2]        |        Handsome Boy Modeling School
Let Me Kiss You Morrissey         |        You Are the Quarry 2004
SAMPLE:    Chance      |      Full Episode S01E23 | The Outer Limits
Take Off that Dress for Me        |        Micah P Hinson
SAMPLE:    Kamala Harris        |        butchers another 'word casserole'
Hurt (Seahawks Remix)         |       Eddie Chacon
SAMPLE:    Saxondale Series 1      |     Come from my boots retort
Stand On The Word (Larry Levan Mix)        |        Celestial Choir
The Sun Will Rise Again        |        Galdre Visions
SAMPLE:   WW2 Training Film for US Soldiers | How to Behave in Britain | 1943
Devil's Playground        |        Gram Rabbit feat. Jesika Von Rabbit  Face of Evil (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) 2018
Beautiful Tomorrow         |       Beth Rowley Little Dreamer 2007
Dirty Horse         |       Gram Rabbit
SAMPLE:    Bob Marleys Long Lost Tapes:   |     Amplified
The Sun in September         |       Matthew Halsall
Night Flight Reprise         |       Franc Moody Dream in Colour 2020
Arthur C Clarke predicts the future         | Horizon |   BBC Archive
Shinrin-Yoku (Original Mix)        |        B.J. Smith, Huw Costin Sun When You Come 2021
SAMPLE:   The Man Who Was Never Born  S01E06        | The Outer Limits
Dreams        |        Common Saints
Rebecca's Theme (Water)        |        A.r.t Wilson
SAMPLE:   A Day Called X        |       (1957) b mOVIE
B.J. Smith         |       'Hold On To It' Jonny Nash remix 
Day Pulse (Original Mix)        |        Begin Begin 2018
SAMPLE:   How Sound Works         |       (In Rooms)
Maricopa | Is It Balearic [2017]        |        Sun Scope
How Could I Know?         |       Crazy P If Life Could Be This Way 2022
Shulme         |       Smith & Mudd



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