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Another FRESH edition of Parental Advisory Adult Orientated Chillout for grown-up ravers >>> #alternative #chillout for late-night musical merchants from #strangecargo. As broadcast via www.soullegendsradio.co.uk on 05.08.22 from 23.00 - 02.00 am UK time.

An extended 3hr show of assorted beats and pieces sampled from the entire musical spectrum with your discerning eardrums in mind. Ideal for those seeking a break from the norm on Friday nights from 11 pm until late and doing all kinds of disparate musical things traversing genres and eras in the hope of finding you a decent soundscape with which you can see in the weekend in fine fettle!

#norules musical journeying from way out where, beamed directly into your lounging spaces since 2012. Do hope you find something to enjoy in here? Thanks for listening and have a lovely weekend ahead!

THIS WEEKS SELECTIONS: #alternative, #norules, #eclectic, #chillout, #strangecargo, #anythingmayhappen, #crates

SAMPLE: 70s TV ad | Duncan Hines "Floors" (Original 16mm)
Wonderbra "Theme Song" 16mm | 70s TV Ad
SAMPLE: NNN Hungarian (Shortwave Number Station) | The Conet Project
Sydney Bollenbeck | (Dream montage guitar walk)
SAMPLE: Equivalent | Logic System
El Senor del Flautin (Interludio) | CHANCHA VIA CIRCUITO Bienaventuranza 2018
SAMPLE: Chuck 4.13 | "Chuck Versus The Push Mix" Promo #1
Koto Interlude | Monica Rypma
Will Work for Food (Intro) | [Riddim] King Richman
Intro | Stereotyp Meets Al Haca
Rosewater | Unknown Artist
SAMPLE: Nemesis Inferno | Thorpe Park advert
Pastimes games for Android | Unknown Artist
Rosewater | Unknown Artist
SAMPLE: Me Gritaron Negra! | (Daniel Haaksman Edit) Victoria Santa Cruz
SAMPLE: Zeta wonder | why she should leave the underground
SAMPLE: Timelapse of the Vernal Equinox | Sunrise Alignment at Serpent Mound
Emergency (Skit) | Ward 21
Glass Bricks 1987 | Yuppie Fear Thriller
For a While (Interlude) | Sanjin & Youthman
SAMPLE: gestalt #3 Tolcha
Interlude II Simba | Discours pour le peuple 2010
SAMPLE: Hot wheels super mariokart | Orange Yoshi vs Princess Daisy! Who will win?
SAMPLE: SUBSCRIBE | Or face the consequences
My Movie | Random Tandem Mandem
Balkan Cowboy (Intro) | Sanjin & Youthman
Hinten Im Haus LebensWeGe
SAMPLE: gestalt #1 | Tolcha
SAMPLE: FC Pogo Berlin | Michele Baresi
SAMPLE: the day of reckoning | The Daisy Vein
SAMPLE: Office Packardo | Kitano
Circular Breathing | Unknown Artist
Lonely Sidewalks | Donald Adkins
Assembled Multitude | The Princess And The Soldier (Atlantic) 1970
Caminho De Pedra | Clyde Borly And His Percussions
Twilight | Amr Ismail
Sugar Hill | Crockett Family Mountaineers
Man Of Mystery | Big White Clouds Orchestra
Send Her Back | David Hudson
Shadow Of The Night | Andwella
Afro (Romania, 1994) | Digital Art
Key of Keys | Baby Face Nelson
Forward Jah Jah Children Abbasani
Dis ya time riddim | Bost & Bim
Dub For The Radicals | Alborosie Alborosie Meets Roots Radics: Dub For The Radicals 2018
9/11 Truth | A New Year
The Plains Of Delight | Philamore Lincoln
Night Moves De Wolfe Music, Mean & Dirty 1978
Just A NY Poem - 1975 | Nikki Giovanni
Reflections | Ann Annie, Ann Annie, Ann Annie Atmospheres, Vol. 2 2018
Credentes | X Harlow Cathars 2021
Molitva (Yugoslavia, 1984) | Bastion
Sanja Li U Boji? | Beograd
Vibes from the Tribe - 1976 | Phil Ranelin
Blue break | P. Morris GOOMBAWAVE III 2021
Grass Roots | Feelings (Dunhill) 1968
Soul Punch - 1973 | The Flying Dutchmen
El aparecido | Quintino
Yardbirds | Heart Full Of Soul (UK Columbia) 1965
The Fraggle Rock Theme / Masters of the Universe | 80's childrens tv intro's
Slang Dat Butt (Dirty Dub) | DJ Godfather & DJ Nasty
Ogun Pari Waka | Airatu Isawu & Her Waka Grioup
The Monkey House | Absent Music
Why O | Beryl Cunningham
Now You're Gone | Antoinette
Portobello | Aican Portobello 2022
Belmonts | Up Up And Away/Fly Me To The Moon (Dot) 1969
Betty Everett | Too Hot To Hold (VJ) 1965
Banana Splits | Wait Til Tomorrow (Decca) 1968
Chan Romero | The Hippy Hippy Shake (UK Columbia) 1959
If You Don't Want Me Now (MGM) 1961 | Chip Taylor
Love Fades - 1973 | Amnesty
American Breed Dont Make Me Leave You (UK Dot) 1968
Face Meets Glass | ACTORS
Tenerife Laos | DJ Franabel & Iverno
Give A Little Love | Rave 2 The Grave
Shades Of Rythm | Sounds Of Eden Everytime I See The Girl
Hooligan 69 | The Ragga Twins Reggae Owes Me Money 1991
Who's The Bad Man | Dee Patten
Mr Kirk's Nightmare | 4 Hero
The Texican | Orange Lemon
Espiral (1991) | Dunne
Light My Fire | Massive Attack


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